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Data Scientist | Photographer | Storyteller

About Ani Madurkar

I'm a person who deeply loves storytelling, and all my passions circle around this fixed point. The original storytellers were some of the greatest Philosophers like Plato, Kant, Dostoevsky, and more. They, and others like them, founded the art of thinking accurately and speaking precisely in a way that brought clarity and meaning to an uncertain world. As technology evolved, new mediums to tell stories emerged. The gift of photography and digital storytelling started to change the way we visualize and experience the uncertain world around us. The latest period in the evolution of society and technology has been a significant convergence of the social and hard sciences. We are now able to use math and statistics to manipulate the data representations of our world; all as an effort to reason from and predict past the uncertain world we live in. These domains represent where I'm coming from and commonly what topics I'll write about: Philosophy, Photography, Data Science. This space is one I hope evolves my foundation of storytelling into broader and deeper realms to understand our uncertain world.

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